Tapcaps – Nipple Shields + Latching Aid

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  • Put on your drinking cap!

    Sensitive nipples or a poor latch can cause a nursing journey to take a turn for the worse. Tapcaps shield delicate skin during breastfeeding to reduce discomfort for the mom, all while improving the latch for your baby. Constructed from BPA free silicon, Tapcaps are up to the challenge to make both of you as comfortable as possible. And hey, It also comes with a great carrying case for when you’re on the go.

    • Protects irritated nipples while breastfeeding
    • BPA free
    • Durable and reusable
    • Promotes easier latching
    • Regulates flow in the case of overactive letdown

    Includes 2 shells plus a plastic case.

    This product is not included in THE TIT KIT. This purchase must be made separately.

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