Motherlode – Lactation Support Supplement (Capsules)

  • Never run dry.

    Make sure your well of wellness doesn't run dry! Expertly crafted with our special, all-natural and fenugreek-free formula, motherlode supports healthy lactation in postpartum moms. Our supplement is packed with nutritious and healthy herbs that will increase milk production when it's time to call in reinforcements. If you're looking for white gold, you've hit the motherlode.

    • Formulated to increase milk production
    • Safe and effective
    • Made with all-natural ingredients
    • Fenugreek-free!

    42 capsules per bottle. 
    Made in the USA.

  • SUGGESTED USE: Take 2 capsules, 3 times daily.

  • INGREDIENTS: Organic goat’s rue (herb), organic milk thistle (seed), organic shatavari (root), organic fennel (seed), organic alfalfa (leaf), organic anise (seed), vegetable capsule

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