THE TIT KIT is a collection of premium breastfeeding products designed to help moms maintain a healthy mind and body while nursing their little one. Rather than buying your breastfeeding supplies individually, THE TIT KIT contains all the items you will need to alleviate the pain and discomfort you may experience.

 Each kit contains six products to relieve a variety of common breastfeeding products:

• Nipwhip Coconut and Shea Nipple Cream. Moisturizes cracked or chapped skin.

Motherlode Lacation Support Formula. Fenugreek supplement to boost breast milk production.

• She Shells Breast Shells and Milk Reservoir. Placed under your bra to prevent friction against sensitive skin and collect leaking breast milk.

• Hot Toddies Heating and Cooling Packs. Can be heated in microwave or placed in freezer to alleviate mastitis, unclog ducts, reduce swelling, and more.

• Honeysuckles Hydrogel Nipple Pads. Sticks to areolas to provide a super soothing and cooling sensation to irritated skin.

• Tapcaps Nipple Shields and Latching Aid. Used over nipples while breastfeeding to help support better latching and protect sensitive nipples.

Nope! No need to subscribe. One kit has everything you need. You can always come back later to purchase more of a particular product if necessary.

While most moms will require all the products in THE TIT KIT, you can always purchase individual products if you only need a few of the items or want to restock after you run out.

We believe that being a mom doesn't mean sacrificing your mind, body or spirit. That is why we designed THE TIT KIT to provide high-end, chic products you need to maintain your sense of self - even when it feels that you are giving everything you have to your bundle of joy.

Your breastfeeding products should capture your personality in the same way you would expect from the other health and beauty brands you use daily. You should be excited to display your breastfeeding supplies proudly! THE TIT KIT set out to break the mold from what other nursing products had to offer and create the necessities and brand you deserve.

While THE TIT KIT products are designed to help with the physical toll breastfeeding can take on your body, our charitable contributions support mothers' mental and emotional well-being.

For every box sold, a portion of proceeds are donated to organizations that help parents suffering from parental mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) and other postpartum disorders.